InSchoolHub Mobile App

The inSchoolHub mobile app serves as a direct link between schools and the families they serve to enhance school safety and support a positive learning environment.

Push Notifications

Use Push Notifications to share important information immediately to the mobile devices of the school community, keeping them apprised, in real time, of current and developing situations.

Receive Feedback

With the simple touch of a button the app will display a form that allows users to share potentially vital information with school administrators, anonymously if desired. This information may be auto-directed to the responsible parties to handle.

Update Community

Keep families informed of the news on your campus.

Contact Us

The Contact Us button gives the user a means to easily send questions and comments, further expanding lines of communication and strengthening the relationship between schools and the community they serve.

Event Calendar

Use the Event Calendar to keep families aware of scheduled activities on your campus, as well as district-wide events of interest.

One Touch Call Button

The App also features a Call button, making it easy to reach the front office with a single touch.

Features & Pricing


per month

(One month free with annual plan)

  • Content Modules - 3 Incl. Publish content on App or email using easy to use templates or pre-defined, fill in the blank forms; import word documents.
  • Private Smartconnect Invite specific people to view a Private SmartConnect on their devices. Only devices that have been registered are allowed to view and initiate calls to predefined numbers and send messages to selected contacts.
  • SmartConnect Module SmartConnect allows you to receive all types of feedback from your app users and auto-route it to the proper individuals for handling.
  • Manual Social Media Share / Social Button Create content and share informative details to social media with the push of a button.
  • Push / Text Notifications Push critical information immediately to mobile devices to keep your audience informed and prepared.
  • Customizable App Display Your app may be customizable with the name and logo of your choice. You can easily configure the look and feel of what is displayed on your app from your system’s Dashboard.
  • Call Button A one-touch Call button that helps users reach-out to a designated number of your choice.
  • Desktop & Web Widgets / Resources Make your life easier. Use the downloadable desktop widget to sign in with one click. Feed app material to your website with the content widget.
  • Free Live Chat and Phone Support Have a question? Talk to our Live Chat expert or reach out to customer care for support.